Make automation a habit

Quantumics.AI will enable you to automate routines, processes you’d normally do (or outsource). Once you set up automation you’ll never have to worry about it again!

Benefits of Quantumics.AI Automation


Refresh the output data

with the click of a button


Select the files to automate

- Old or new files

Historical data

All historical datasets are available

with full audit


Any data manipulation operation can be automated with a few clicks for file selection. You’ll be able to apply these rules/automations to all of your data, including data that was connected after the automations was set up.


Run job

Run cleansing jobs (with already defines rules) by simply selecting the files in the folders and run job. As simple as it can be!


Cleansed Files History

All previously cleansed datasets are made available within automation with the ability to re-run a job, download the data as a csv or to delete the job.