Data cleansing without writing a single line of code

Cleanse and transform your data using our state of
art data cleansing editor that has been
carefully crafted for the business users.

Benefits of Quantumics.AI Data Cleansing

No Coding

Not even a single line! Full stop! And that's a promise!

Pre-built rules

There are up to 50 pre-built rules that can be used in permutations of 50 * 50


Our design paradigm is, "Create once, Run forever" when it comes to cleansing. No additional effort is required.

Simple Navigation

To start cleansing, simply navigate to the right folder and file and start cleansing.


Apply cleansing rules

Apply rules by simply selecting the column name and type of rules from rich collection including replace, count, split, format, merge, filter, managing columns, extraction and standardise a few.


Rules catalogue

All the rules applied are applied at folder levels and readily available to either change the sequence or dynamically amend the rules to cater the dynamic business changes.

Applied rules fully audited as events at user levels.