Join your datasets and build custom data pipes like a pro

Join multiple datasets using our state of the art
data engineering canvass that has been
carefully crafted for the business users.

Benefits of Quantumics.AI Data Engineering

No Coding

Not even a single line! Full stop! And that's a promise!


Joined data sets can be stored as a flat file or can be persisted in a database.


Our design paradigm is, "Create once, Run forever" when it comes to cleansing. No additional effort is required.

Build data pipelines

Build data pipelines like pro!


Join Datasets

You won’t need to be a data engineer to use your data.


You can join and integrate data without writing a single line of code! Different types of joins can be applied and data can be aggregated before running

the reports.



The canvass comes with a powerful and fast data preview capability so that you know exactly what datasets you are joining and how it looks before actually joining them. Now that's pretty cool!