Access to the most useful and relevant data

Data in organisations can be overwhelming,
so it is wise to have access to the most
relevant data in a timely fashion.

Benefits of Controlled data ingestion


Data is made available at the

the right time to the business without typical bottlenecks of contractors, subcontractors, skillsets


Quantumics.AI allows you to implement a simple folder structure, organizing your data so that you’ll have never a nostalgia of using multiple excels! No need to change current structures or system configurations


All data ingestion are fully audited and made available to the super user

Structure your data the right way

One of the common reasons for data silos is not having the ability to store the data in a single place in a structure aligned to

Business taxonomy. Quantumics.AI allows you to get the basics right, the first time.


Access any data any source

Access to the data whether it is in CSV, relational data base, API or directly connecting to your business application. We have those covered.


Access the raw ingested

Doesn't matter what changes you apply to your data, we always maintain a copy of the raw that was landed and moreover, version-controlled and audited.

Now that's your entire data ingestion made simple that actually complies with the data access policies.