Benefits of the business federation

Business Data Hub

Business owned data workspaces

are the foundation for

"Citizen DataOps"


Collaborate and build the knowledge-

base of your data assets 

like never before

User management

Manage the user roles for data governance not just for system access

Business Data Hub

Instead of relying on IT and support teams to access data, become self-served with federated datasets in one place.
An enormous advantage of data federation is to quickly produce single version of truth that is accessible to the entire organization and the ability to scale decision making capability. 

Business data federation is the new normal

Create business domain-specific project workspaces

dedicated teams yet share insights with external teams

Collaboration becomes a habit

The business data hub will enable collaboration like never before. The single hub where any user, from business analysts to executives, will be able to access and consume the data using the same platform. The single hub eliminates the complexity of integrating data from multiple sources through the manual ETL method, which is very labour and cost-intensive.

User management for bottom-up data governance

Create users and data governance roles at the workspace level. A user with a Data Steward role in Project A can be Data Custodian in Project B - this gives absolute flexibility and transparency of data governance in multi-faceted data domains.

Quantumics.AI is the only platform that enables business data federation without requiring a ballooned up integration project! All you need to do is sign-up into the platform and start joining data in your workspace!

Business data federation with no integration cost