Auto-profile and continuously monitor the data quality

One of the most painful data problem of
Data quality is addressed at the root level to the
Level that take all data quality worries away
And keep smiling!

Benefits of our Data profiling and quality


Your data is automatically profiled without any manual invention and is immediately ready for inspection


The data quality monitoring simplifies and reduces required efforts for the regulatory compliance. It gives you the tools to take proactive measures to address prevent potential issues at origination

Continuous monitoring

Our platform enables continuous monitoring that gives peace of mind to Business managers of knowing the Known Data quality issues

Understand your data in a click

Be it structured, unstructured or semi-structured data, just by navigating to the dataset, the profile of data is readily available to understand frequency, null, unique, duplicate data along with statistical analysis.

This wealth of information is available at very detailed attribute levels.


Create data quality rules

Create data quality without writing a single line of code, and enrich the business metadata of every attribute that exist in your business.

Multiple rules can be created for each attribute.


Monitor the data quality

Continuously monitor the data quality of each and every attribute through rules created by business users.

Have visibility of invalid data that exist in your business at given point in time and take mitigating actions.