Multi-Channel Retail Analytics

Grow your business with multi-channel order Inventory & Customer analytics powered by
No – Code SaaS data platform.

Manage everything in one place

Say goodbye to multiple applications to manage retail analytics

Consolidated Dashboard

View your multichannel inventory &
orders in one place.

Analytics & Insights

Detect outliers, view data statistics
& much more.

Process Automation & Alerts

Run analytics Jobs & Create Inventory


Analytics & Insights

Data Profile

Detect outliers in the retail data which can be wrong inventory numbers, unusual inventory purchases and much more.

Profitability Insights

Calculate ROI by accurately measuring all costs against expected Revenue. See the summary of refund, purchases and total value of stock hold by simple drag and drop and without writing SQL queries

Consolidated Dashboards

Visualize your business performance in one place instead of viewing inventory and orders from different sales channels.

Inventory & Order Statistics

View top selling items, sales aggregation, daily or historic, orders from offline or online channels like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Magento or any using CSV file, API & Database.

Dashboard Visuals

Create visuals of your choice from Bar, Pie, Table, Line, Scatter, Histograms & more


Process Automation & Alerts


From receiving new data to cleaning & preparing data to make it usable, all is taken care by platform. Schedule BI jobs and project on the dashboard automatically once you define rules and engineering flow of the data.

Create Alerts

Create low inventory alerts to restock product or may be custom alerts for the next day order that is received.